There are a lot of pitfalls to female adolescence, like depending on your boyfriend for validation or being too scared to take chances you should, but with the right guide (and hopefully a learner’s permit), you can do your best to steer around them. And that’s where actress and YouTuber Anna Akana comes in. Get all of Akana’s advice to teens from hair tips to how to love yourself here. 


It’s so easy to forget that the person you’re looking at is a human being. We’re all just as complex, misunderstood and real as each other. So I encourage you to try and be more aware of when you’re being very judgmental. And try to remember that we’re all just human fucking beings, trying to be happy and trying to find a purpose in the world. Our society has just become this rude, shitty, detached bunch of people. It’s so hard to find empathy these days. Especially online, oh forget about online.

Reasons why Anna Akana is my favorite (Video)

I LOVE ANNA AKANA!! She’s da bomb!

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Home alone, time for a one-woman musical show, starring

  • me as Elphaba
  • me as Javert
  • me as the Phantom
  • me as Jean Valjean
  • me as Marius
  • me as Cosette
  • me as Glinda
  • me as Eponine
  • me as Raoul
  • me as Boq
  • me as Firmin
  • me as Andre
  • me as Nessarose
  • me as Christine
  • me as Carlotta
  • me as Fiyero
  • me as Enjolras
  • me as Fantine
  • me as the orchestra
  • me as the conductor

And lastly: me as cheering audience

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